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Elite Pest and Termite Control, LLC

Elite Pest and Termite Control, LLC

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About Us

Our Vision

The vision of Elite Pest and Termite Control is to guarantee peace of mind to those we serve. We aim to provide the ideal solution to their pest needs. We will be thorough in all aspects of what we do. Our customer service will always start with a smile. At Elite Pest and Termite, we want to be the best at what we do no matter what.

Our Mission

There is a need in our community for pest control. We will help those we serve feel secure in their homes and businesses. We strive to give them the ability to feel comfortable without worry of recurrence. Pests can bring out feelings of anxiety, and sometimes, feelings as strong as fear. We aim to help alleviate those worries by restoring our customers well-being by focusing on their needs and doing whatever it takes to bring pleasure back into their environment. We strive to take each mission serious, and make sure that it suits all of our customers needs in a personalized manner according to their current pest situation. We aren’t just there to get the job done, we are there to help restore peace and bring joy back into our customers lives.


We value our relationship with our customers, and because of that you get our team from the beginning. We do not use contractor pairing websites or apps. We don't believe in the middle man, we choose to abstain from the gimmicks they employ. We offer our customers the right solution to their needs, we refuse to sell services or products that are unnecessary. When you choose Elite Pest and Termite Control, that is the guarantee we provide you.


Brad Sparks - Owner/Operator
Jessica Sparks - Owner/ Office Manager
The Elite Team - Brad Sparks and Jessica Sparks
Brad Sparks - Owner/Operator
Brad Sparks - Owner/Operator
Brad Sparks - Owner/Operator
Elite Pest and Termite Control, LLC LOGO
The Elite Team - left to Right - Brendan, Brad, Jessica, and Katie
Brendan - Technician
Katie - Office Administrator

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